Minor Migration Muddle

Minor Migration Muddle

Dancing dots in the distance

dizzy with confusion,

peppering pale, pewter sky.

I didn’t hear what he said, did you?

Was it this way or that?

  – It’s usually South

  – I’m not so sure

Instinct intact,

they are gone.


Star Gazing Essentials

“I love my dog
as much as he loves me”
Cat Stevens

Star Gazing Essentials

He sits alone
star gazing,
his almost perfectly
cream coat illuminated,
a fitting compliment
from the moon;
he is preparing a list.

*Wake at 5am, ablutions etc
*Breakfast (consequent wind)
*Supervise cat breakfast/

   clean dishes
*Firmly attach mud to all feet,

   trample through house
  (expect negative response)
*Feign fear of vacuum cleaner/
bin liner- possible biscuit
*Head on knee –gentle
bonding session
*2hr walk/several biscuits – bliss
*Expose/lick private parts
to coincide with visitor

*Dinner (further wind)
*Supervise cat dinner/
deal with leftovers
*Short walk/sniff/prowl
*Evening snooze/further bonding

*Request assistance to
oust cats from bed
*Note to self – in case of
burglars, offer tea



Grief simmers;

gloopy, burping liquid

spitting pain.

Remove from heat

But it simmers and simmers

until the pot burns dry

and it is too late.



This poem was inspired by my 2 year old grandson.  I hope you can spot him; he is there in he middle of the picture!


He stands alone.

Around him tall slender

guardians point high

toward winter sky;

look down as tiny feet

kick discarded leaves.

So much to learn,

so much wonder,

so much time.




Never give up,

never give in

and never stop

wearing make-up.

Circle game

Thoughts on a 5th Anniversary

Confetti petals kissed the air.

He leapt on stage,
played guitar with the band
his new wife watching.

I danced the night away.

My soul now leads the dance
patient with its partner’s
faltering steps.

New life emerges and
the circle game moves on.

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