She was like a velvet blanket

with a gift to turn

childhood ailment to fun;

magazine “specials”,

puzzle books,

favourite food.


She was the one to run to

when life dealt a losing hand,

or when a plaster was

needed as she helped heal

the pain beneath.


And she was the one whose

tears meant most when

the firstborn emerged,

stains of birth wiped clean,

a gift of innocence.


Then one day she

forgot my name,

like her brain

skipped a beat.

She looked at me,

a  gaze more

eloquent than words.


Are you my sister?

she asked, quizzical,

childlike, as she

sipped her tea.


A Bit of Fun

Cushion Sequel (see recent post Neutral Dilemma)


All this talk of cushions!!  It suddenly brought to mind, today, something from years ago I felt compelled to share.

I crafted a patchwork cushion

many years ago;

I made it pure and simply

just to put on show.

I wonder can you guess the scheme?

You probably can;

it was ————- and ————!



The beautiful floral cushion I purchased has now, seemingly of its own accord, multiplied; there are now four (I couldn’t resist!!!)  An explosion of colour to ward off dark, wintry days.  As for Brown and Cream – consigned, not to the bin, but to the just in case box!

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Thank you to Martin Shone, Bardess DM Denon,The Background Story and AngelaMarie  for nominating me.  I feel really honoured and also humbled.

I nominate

Ina Schroders-Zeeders


Gone Cycling again




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Retreat at The Briery


Retreat at The Briery


Outside my window

amidst coppice with

nurturing Rowan,

white, pristine symbols

of  faith stand firm on

Autumn’s glossy floor.


Blessed virgin Mary

and Child;  Joseph,

their protector,

so pure and solid

in their truth,

who could doubt?


But strongest faith

may crack, I know,

doubt, a human trait;

yet here I recognise

a whisper of Love

through rain in

these trees, and the

soft, quiet, aching Yes

of  forever hope.

Neutral Dilemma

John Lewis Gorgeous Blossom Cushion, Multi

Neutral Dilemma

It may say something

about me,  the way I am;

I always resort

to brown and cream.

Maybe there is an

underlying fear of change,

the need to blend in,

go unnoticed, hide.

Or maybe I just like

cream and brown.

But change is  good;

I will buy a new cushion.

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