She sat on a chair by the window
like a small stone Buddha,
immobilised by the bully
that spread its greedy paralysis
over one side of her frail body.

I sat at the piano, played
“Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam”,
faltering notes enough to draw
virgin miracle tears slowly
down her tired, wrinkled face.

I went away, school trip abroad;
when I came back she had gone,
swept away with enormous
brush of relief, no trace but
faint stains of ageing and
weary walking stick.

I watched the sun, pale and cool,
determined rays penetrating
the window where she would sit
day after lonely day, waiting
for her time to shine.


Virtually OK

Virtually OK

I wonder, if we met,
would I listen eagerly
while you talk,  like I
read your words, feel
the same frisson of
excitement as I feel
for a new post,

or would I stop
listening, look at you,
think your lips are
too thin, eyes too
close together,
feel displeasure at
the touch of arrogance
in your voice,
or the way your
mouth slants
in a sly way
when you smile?

Maybe there’s
something to be said
for being “virtual”.

Ginger Biscuits in Love

Ginger Biscuits in Love

I am becoming too
passive, letting others
take over, take control;
I am heavily restricted
I acknowledge, but
an invalid, no.
So – I set out my stall.

The recipe calls for
hand mixing,
no electrics.
a challenge rather
than a problem.

I make a pass at
the mixing bowl;
it nestles willingly
in my exaggerated
embrace while
flour, sugar, ginger
and eggs swirl slowly
and seductively into
dreamy creaminess.

Fifteen minutes of
passionate heat later,
two dozen
deliciously contented,
golden, crispy
love bites.

The Fall and the Photograph

The Fall and the Photograph

Silver spines of hoar frost
cover unsuspecting garden
in a web of lace,
a rare sight this winter;
shouts for attention to be
captured in a moment,
click of finger,
recorded forever.

But the world
has turned sideways,
plant pots at eye level,
empty snail house,
opted for warmer
climes perhaps,
hairy spider
raising his hat –
too close for comfort.

Falling can be helpful,
makes you pause, see,

I drag myself up,
apologetic dignity
dust myself down,
and amidst
startled blue air,
click the shutter.


I have recently been nominated for the following awards:-

Thank you Ina for both of them and thank you  Martin for the One Lovely Blog Award.  I am delighted and would ask you to visit their blogs.  Martin writes great poems and also has another blog called Through The Magic Door where you will find some wonderful prose.  I love his children’s stories! And Ina writes lovely poetry and has a book being published in March called “Veritas” – very exciting for her and for us!
I don’t think there are any rules for The One Lovely Blog but I am passing it onto gonecycling whose poetry delights me.
I am passing The Genuine Blogger Award to
Tricia Bertram
Thomas and Ethel Davis
David Frances Barker
I have only just learned how to do all this technical stuff – I am very proud of myself!!! LOL  It has taken me two hours!!

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