One Room

One Room

It was home;
enough living space
to raise a family
and have fun,
small garden with borders,
a dog and a cat.
It was everything and more;
it was home.

Time passed;
hints to down-size
met with granite resistance
as more doors closed,
the past falling asleep and
memories filling spaces
where life used to sing.

Inevitable clinic blue
walls beckoned,
resistance all spent.
One room, carbon copy
of many more;
high seat chair on
industrial carpet,
plywood bookcase,
a bed and a bad smell.
The world had shrunk
and there was  nowhere
to call home.


Sometimes Hot Chocolate Helps

While I was ill with flu I realised
how bad I was at asking for/accepting help

Sometimes Hot Chocolate Helps

Sitting outside, sipping the realness
of hot chocolate with
hazelnut syrup and sprinkles,
I realise I had become
divorced from reality
stubbornly resisting my own
exigent cries for help.

What does that say about me?
Arrogant, too proud to
graciously receive
simple acts of kindness,
perched on a pedastal
above humanness?

Illness has exuded valuable clues;
I could learn something.
So I continue to kiss the
whispery froth, allow it to
melt slowly into my
contrarious lips
toward a softer, quieter,
much clearer truth.

Witchy Woman

“Witchy Woman”

(The Eagles – Aug 1972

“b” side “Early Bird”)

Witchy Woman

I wonder

can anyone

help me acquire

a broomstick?

Nothing elegant;

I don’t need designer,

simply run-of-the-mill;

till I can get my hair cut

Signs of Spring

Signs of Spring

The sun is caressingly warm,
causes the garden to creak and stir;
dry rotted stems form soft bed for
feline friends, places firmly reserved ,
day long booking.

In a corner innocent clumps of daffodils
dare to raise coy heads to the world
and candy floss  pink blossom
flirts with the sun;
just a sneak preview,
it teases.

Birds, feverish with excitement,
constantly interrupt each other
in first rehearsals,  eager to be the best.
I close my eyes to the sun
and let their jumbled songs
fill me with rose-coloured promises.


Hi everyone,

Just a message to let you all know I have had very bad flu for the past two weeks.  I’m not out of the woods yet but there is a light there, just a tiny one.

So please bear with me, I will be back asap.

I miss you all.

Much love to you all.

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