Befriending a Four-wheeled Enemy

Befriending a Four-wheeled Enemy

It stands, redundant, in the hallway;
I’ve been looking at it for weeks,
its incongruence, its blackness.
But I suppose if you really needed
to use one, the seat could be quite
handy, plus the shopping basket on
the front and, of course, walking
without falling could be a
significant point in favour.

But it smacks so of disability,
infirmity, ageing, inviting
strange looks from other
people, requiring “parking”
in cafes etc, not to mention the
self-conscious image I’ve always
presented, designer heels,
jeans just a touch too long,
to lengthen the walk.

And yet the deep violet velvety
blossom that I noticed from the
car window yesterday, in a
garden at the top of the road,
cries longingly to be caressed,
and I ache to touch it.


I wrote this 2 weeks ago and after
taking myself and “it” for a short
stroll this morning, it felt
appropriate t post it!




Okay, I didn’t really
mean to tell you to
piss off this morning,
but I just became weary
with your “all will be well”
promises and the love
you reckon to pour
over me every day.
I’m sorry, right?
I didn’t mean it;
I just lose my way
and feel lost.

This is a Prayer,
by the way,
I hope You’re

First Love

First Love

We were together three years, you and I.
The sketch you drew of The Beatles
for my bedroom wall was so good,
far too good to be torn
into a thousand pieces.

I let them flutter from the bedroom
window among the snow, hoping
they would melt with the thaw
but they were still there and
I had to sweep them away.

And I hoped that if I unravelled
every stitch from the jumper I knit you,
hurtful memories would uravel too,
but they just lay there in a shrivelled
heap, much more bitter than sweet.

Your mother sent me a kind letter
saying how much she liked me
with a well-meaning
consolation prize,
nylon stockings,
American tan with seams.
I never wore them;
I preferred tights.

Mad as a Hatter – Happy Easter!

When I recently had eye surgery
I needed to take oral steroids for
two weeks prior to the operation.
Apparently they affect people in
different weird and wonderful ways! 

Mad as a Hatter

Two o’clock in the morning,
wide awake
craving computer;
I have sale fever,
Add to basket – click!

Enticingly essential,
the teapot for one
dotted with bright
promises of Spring,
sits, incongruous
upon its stoical cup,
from which could
only be taken
delicate sips of
sheer elegance.

I begin to ponder
the wisdom of this
when the tiny
porcelain snail
perched on top
of the lid looks up
at me, winks,  and
gives me his blessing.

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