Dancing in the Dark

In my mind I am still Dancing
(with Bruce Springsteen)
in the Dark;
those kind, moonlit hours
that shower me with freedom
to feel like me again,
till daylight beckons when
I leave him to his Glory Days
and I to mine.
And they can be glorious
if I let them.
But I will dance again tonight;
I’m told there’s a new moon.

Bruce Springsteen – Album – Born in the USA. Released 1984

Dancing in the Dark
Glory Days



A little news and a poem – It’s ok to Cry

I am really chuffed that two of my poems have been featured in two
separate MS magazines this month. One is in the MS Trust magazine,
Open Door, and is part of an article I wrote about my diagnosis and my
ongoing journey living with MS. I’m not good at inserting links but if 
anyone would like to read the article it is easily accessed by searching
MS Trust, click on publications and the Open Door magazine. Click on “read as pdf”.
The other poem is one I wrote way back at the beginning of my diagnosis and
at the very start of my poetry writing. It is  one which I had forgotten
I had written until they reminded me!  Here it is:-

It’s Ok to Cry

“Oh, please don’t cry”,
they sometimes say,
though I think it’s their
discomfort, helplessness
for others’ strife.

But it’s ok to cry;
it untangles threads
of feeling, sorts them
into length, colour,
texture and weight

so the embroidery can begin again
under new light.





Limerick Time!!


There once was a dog called Jack
who hadn’t a bad bone in his back.
He stood there like lead
while the cats stole his bed
and then slept on a piece of old sack.

He wanted to do something bad
to show us what courage he had.
So he jumped in the stream
where he shouldn’t have been
but he got himself wet and felt sad.

He decided he wouldn’t be brave,
it involved to many a close shave.
Yet he stood there with zeal
while the cats had their meal
and then ate what they wanted to save.


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