Christmas Message

A very festive hello to everyone!! This will be my last post until after Christmsso I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you for your support, encouraging words and friendship since I began my blog two years ago; it means so much to me. I wish you all a good Christmas and a peaceful year to come. Oh, and don’t forget to eat anything you want! My MS friendly diet will be taking its annual break, that’s for sure! I look forward to reading your wonderful poetry in the coming year; you all continue to inspire me.

Here’s a limerick for the festive season inspired by our grandson, Theo!

Theo and the Christmas tree

There was a small boy named Theodore
whose age was three years plus a bit more.
He helped decorate our tree
with great oodles of glee
then made off home with more baubles than four!

He made up for this minor faux pas
on top of our tree hangs a bright star .
Made almost on his own
a little help from mum at home
now it shines for the kings from afar.


                                                   HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE




She doesn’t wear it well,

it doesn’t suit, not her style;

some things just make you look old.

But she hadn’t read the small print –

no refund available,

exchange maybe, if unworn.

There’s plenty she would change;

freedom to walk her dog for a start,

spontaneous trips out by herself,

baking those delicate pastry things.

It’s too late now,

she’s worn it for too long,

but she still doesn’t wear it well.

Song of Compassion

How weary the tree looked today.

as if a dull ache in

every chilled, naked arm,

joyous acceptance of change

worn thin;

(we all have our moments, well I do).

And then a small bird

carrying a huge song landed,

and so accurately too,

on wafer thin branch,

sang its even bigger heart out

long enough to feel a

sway of pleasure

under its tiny feet

and away it flew,

hope restored.

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