I sit beside you stroking your hair,
feel the pureness in every wispy strand.
You tell me your nose is running;
I wipe it with a tissue and
we carry on reading the book.
You giggle because
Mr Magnolia wears only one boot
and has an old trumpet that goes tooty toot.
My hand brushes your cheek as I turn the page;
you smile, snuggle closer.

I hope you can keep at least a small slice of this;
I hope the world treats you well.


Thank You to Alcoholics Anonymous

Today is the 12th anniversary of my sobriety. Thank you to Alcoholics Anonymous for helping me to save my life.

Being Sober

is about much more than not drinking
they said on that day,
but I didn’t listen.
They smiled at my arrogance and said,
Keep coming back,
So I did
because something inside me
knew it was the right thing to do,

and very slowly, bit by argumentative bit
I began to understand
that being sober is all about change,
how we think and live
and that putting down the drink
is only the beginning,

the start of learning to love ourselves,
of finding a new way to be which gives us hope,
guides us through new doors
and, if we are open and patient,
will lead us into a different life that is
beyond our wildest dreams.

Dog Diary – Jack (Golden “Retriever”) ***

I’ve been suffering from January blues so I thought I would cheer myself up by writing something lighthearted. So here it is – and it’s all true!! 🙂

I feel the need to talk about something
I am asked to do.
It’s about why she asks me to sit
before I am given a treat;                   `
it’s not like a biscuit can spill
and surely this particular eating position
makes no difference to a dog’s digestive tract.
It must be so that she feels in charge,
in control of all issues dog related.
I’m okay with it though,
I rather like her to be in charge;
she is the leader of the pack,
except when I want left-over cat food,
then she is definitely not in charge.
There are some things in life that
one simply needs and
cat food hovers near the top of the list.
What’s the harm in a few daily morsels,
although the ensuing battle every time
to stop me is something Im puzzled by –
she never wins.
Does she not recall that I eat poo,
preferably my own
and that if I am desperate
I will even try cat poo.
I watch the felines from the window,
make a mental note of position and
have a snack later in the day.
I don’t think she has a clue that
the other day I ate half a dead rabbit
while running in the field.
Maybe that’s why I was
violently sick in the afternoon;
it felt like the end of everything.
But it was worth every agonising pain
because the day after I got scrambled eggs.
Life here is definitely good
despite all the odd things that she does,
and there are many.
I really do love her however peculiar she may be
and what is even more wonderful
is that I know she really loves me too.

*** I don’t seem to be able to do this; perhaps I need therapy.


A New Year’s Day Thought


The Only Resolution

I don’t make resolutions

because they are never kept.

But this year I am about to make

just one.

I resolve to add to every list

I make of things to do,

“Have some fun”,

even if the list is a difficult one,

to keep the joy,

to wonder at all the

small gifts that are big

and to remember that

every single new moment

I am given

will be all I ever have.

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