Winter – (sonnet)

How sad and pale the tree is looking now
her faded skin, dry bones that now pierce through
and shiver every twig along the bough
as if she dreads what now may be her due.
Does she grieve the loss of summer’s face
when filled with life she whispered with the breeze,
or simply bow her head with gentle grace
to brilliance that waits beneath to ease
our aching hearts, for all, it seems, is dead.
There is no rush, the earth will slowly move
her way through darkness, new seeds to be fed
and once again her certainty will prove
that season’s change has come for reasons known,
embryonic life already sown.


Solomon’s Light

Who cares
about avoiding cliché?
Your presence is like
a magic patch of sunshine
on grey November days.
When your smile
peeps round the door
there is a bright light and
my fears know that for now
they are beaten;
you are the breath of fresh air
that I crave.

And today
when you toddled
full length of the room,
successfully for the first time,
bearing a gift especially for me –
two stickle bricks in a pan –
I knew that this was the start
of something big.

November 2014 004

Publication – Dancing in the Rain

This post is to let you all know that my  book Dancing in the Rain, published by Bennison Books will be available shortly. The image which I am sharing here today will appear on the cover and has been created by my dear friend Diane Denton, artist, poet and author of a truly lovely historical novel. ‘A House Near Luccoli‘. She has also written a sequel called ‘To a Strange Somewhere Fled’ which will be published soon by All Things That Matter Press. I can highly recommend the first one and am very excited about the sequel. Thank you so much Diane!

I would like to thank all of you who have followed my poetry journey so far, from its very unsure beginnings in 2011. Every single one of you who has taken the time to visit my blog and comment has had an input in this book, because without the constant source of support, encouragement and friendship, it wouldn’t have happened.

A big thank you to Deborah at Bennison Books for guiding me, working with me and giving me the wonderful opportunity to experience this exciting project; I have learned so much.

I am hoping as many people as possible will buy a copy of Dancing in the Rain – all profits from sales will go to The Multiple Sclerosis Trust


http://www.mstruscover for book

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