Dancing in the Rain – follow up post

As a follow on from my previous post about the  publication of my poetry book, Dancing in the Rain, if you would like to purchase a copy but have no access to Amazon, please visit my website  below, click on ‘Publications’,  and you will see a link to an email address in order to purchase the book, which will be sent to you by post. The Amazon link is also there.

All profits to  to go to The MS Trust

Many thanks




Out Now: Dancing in the Rain

I am pleased to announce the publication of my poetry book, Dancing in the Rain. A huge thank you to the publisher, Bennison Books, who have guided and encouraged me very patiently along this wonderful journey.; I have learned so much. As I have mentioned before, all profits from the sale of the book will go to The Multiple Sclerosis  Trust.

Dancing in the Rain is available at Amazon UK and Amazon.com. The link to Amazon  is on the cover picture below.



Bennison Books


Chris Moran found poetry and poetry found her. She recovered from alcoholism only to be faced with a long-delayed diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, experiences documented in her first volume of poetry with honesty, humility and humour.

She doesn’t deny the sadnesses in life, and acknowledges with a clear eye the despair that can sometimes take us unawares, but she is always pulled towards joy, and gently takes the reader with her. 

She is also a bold experimenter, and here we find a sonnet about bees, a villanelle about approaching spring (the poet’s favourite time of  year), and haiku about her unborn grandchildren:

Tiny seed planted
germination soon in place
fruit of the autumn.

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Can Anyone Help with a WP Techie Problem?

About a third of the way down my last post  my avatar suddenly disappeared and hasnt been seen since. I  think it may have been kidnapped. All the blogs I comment on are showing me as a pattern which is very nice but I want my photo back!!

A dear blogging friend who is very knowledgeable techi-wise has gone to the ends of the earth to try and sort this but with no success.

Is there anyone out there who has any idea how this can be rectified.

Thanking you all in anticipation

the invisible Woman


In Between


My body searches for an in between,
not winter’s gelid wind or summer’s heat
but where birds dip their wings into the gleam
of liquid sun and air is fresh and sweet.
I long for daylight hours and newborn hearts
where buds break free from safety of the womb;
a place where life begins, where journeys start
and fears abate as flowers begin to bloom,
whose joy is so infectious, so sublime,
their small wounds barely touch them, peace abounds
I long to share the passion of this time
spend hours alone imbibing every sound
where I, at last, feel free to breathe, serene.
My body craves this precious in between.



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