Befriending a Four-wheeled Enemy

Befriending a Four-wheeled Enemy

It stands, redundant, in the hallway;
I’ve been looking at it for weeks,
its incongruence, its blackness.
But I suppose if you really needed
to use one, the seat could be quite
handy, plus the shopping basket on
the front and, of course, walking
without falling could be a
significant point in favour.

But it smacks so of disability,
infirmity, ageing, inviting
strange looks from other
people, requiring “parking”
in cafes etc, not to mention the
self-conscious image I’ve always
presented, designer heels,
jeans just a touch too long,
to lengthen the walk.

And yet the deep violet velvety
blossom that I noticed from the
car window yesterday, in a
garden at the top of the road,
cries longingly to be caressed,
and I ache to touch it.


I wrote this 2 weeks ago and after
taking myself and “it” for a short
stroll this morning, it felt
appropriate t post it!

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